Taurine Side Effects Mayo Clinic

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Taurine Side Effects Mayo Clinic

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Taurine is a type of chemical called an amino sulfonic acid. It occurs naturally in the body. The best food sources are meat, fish, and eggs.

Drinking This Just Once Increases Your Heart Disease Risk Warns


But the Mayo Clinic warns that these beverages can have serious side effects—even after drinking just one 16-ounce can. Mayo Clinic researchers recruited 25 …

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For the safety of our patients, staff and visitors, Mayo Clinic has strict masking policies in place. Anyone shown without a mask was either …

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While research is mixed, some studies suggest that taurine supplementation might improve athletic performance. And, in one study, people with congestive heart …

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The Mayo Clinic recommends no more than 3,000 mg per day … Cardiac effects are exacerbated when taurine and caffeine are ingested together …

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Taurine is an amino acid that plays an important role in the human body. It is an essential nutrient for infants and small children (which is likely why …

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Although the amounts of taurine present in these energy drinks were too low to produce any therapeutic effects, some participants reported mild diarrhea and …

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Further clinical uses include treatment for cystic fibrosis, exposure to toxic … However, at higher doses, taurine may cause unintended side effects.

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Taurine is a sulfur-containing amino acid that is not involved in protein synthesis but is essential to cardiovascular function and the development and function …

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Taurine is a naturally occurring sulfur-containing amino acid. It’s particularly concentrated in your brain, eyes, heart, and muscles ( 1Trusted Source ).