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Stacy Erholtz Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic Trial Shows Measles Vaccine Attacks Blood Cancer

Stacy Erholtz of Minnesota has battled myeloma for years, a blood cancer that affects bone marrow. Doctors at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. injected …

Cancer Survivor Saved By Measles Virus Raises Funds ABC News

After battling blood cancer for 10 years, Stacy Erholtz has no … Minnesota-based Mayo Clinic to expand the tiny trial that saved her life.

Stacy Erholtz Communitygiving

Since Stacy’s story went viral, she has received international notoriety. According to the Mayo Clinic, there are currently 350 individuals on the waiting list …

Stacy Erholtz Communitygiving

After undergoing a series of treatments, including two stem cell transplants, Stacy asked doctors at the Mayo Clinic if she could participate in a measles …

Mayo Clinic On Twitter Four Years Ago Stacy Erholtz Began A

@MayoClinic. Four years ago, Stacy Erholtz began a clinical trial using measles to attack her blood cancer, and it worked, destroying the cancer.

A Mother S Milestones Giving To Mayo Clinic

Stacy Erholtz’s multiple myeloma went into remission after she participated in a clinical trial at Mayo Clinic using the measles virus to fight her cancer.

Mayo Clinic More Than Four Years Ago Stacy Erholtz Facebook

More than four years ago, Stacy Erholtz began a clinical trial using the measles virus against multiple myeloma. It was a transformational …

Serendipity Giving To Mayo Clinic

10 years and counting. Stacy Erholtz had been fighting multiple myeloma, a blood cancer, for 10 years. “For the longest time, my local doctors …

Helping Others Heal A Mother S Milestone

It’s been five years since Stacy Erholtz’s original virotherapy treatment. Her nickname in support groups is ‘The Measles Lady.’.

Mayo Clinic Patient Treated By Massive Measles Dose Still Cancer

Stacy Erholtz was all but dead from an uncurable type of blood cancer before her 50th birthday when she enrolled in an experimental trial at the …