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Pott’s Puffy Tumor Mayo Clinic

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Pott puffy tumor is a subperiosteal abscess due to associated frontal skull osteomyelitis. This usually occurs as a rare complication of …

Final Diagnosis Pott Puffy Tumor With Subdural Empyema


On physical examination, Pott puffy tumor is classically described as a fluctuant, tender, erythematous, soft swelling of the forehead. It …

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English surgeon Sir Percival Pott first described Pott’s puffy tumor (PPT) in 1760. Dr. Pott had a special interest in cancer epidemiology …

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Managing Potts Puffy Tumor

So what is Potts puffy tumor? It is a subperiosteal abscess of the frontal bone that presents as frontal swelling. It is an uncommon complication of frontal …

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Images of Note: Pott’s Puffy Tumor

Pott’s puffy tumor typically manifests with swelling on the forehead associated with the frontal sinusitis and subperiosteal abscess.

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Pott’s puffy tumor, first described by Sir Percivall Pott in 1760, is a rare clinical entity characterized by subperiosteal abscess associated with …

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Pott puffy tumor is osteomyelitis of the frontal bone with associated subperiosteal abscess causing swelling and edema over the forehead and scalp.

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Pott’s puffy tumor is a rare and severe complication of frontal sinusitis, characterized by the progressive swelling of the frontal soft …

Potts Puffy Tumour A Rare But Important Diagnosis Oxford Academic


Potts puffy tumour (PPT) is a subperiosteal abscess arising from frontal … Pott puffy tumor in children: a rare emergency clinical entity.