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Pain Management Mayo Clinic Jacksonville

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The Mayo Comprehensive Pain Rehabilitation Center (PRC) was founded in 1974 to provide rehabilitation services to patients with chronic non-cancer pain.

Pain Management Mayo Clinic Health System

Care and treatment for pain associated with diseases and various conditions. Our team works in collaboration with other specialties to offer comprehensive …

Back Pain Doctors And Departments Mayo Clinic

Back pain is one of the most common reasons people go to the doctor. Home treatment and proper body mechanics often will heal your back …

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Learn about the pain medicine services offered at Mayo Clinic for the prevention, evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of …

Pain Rehabilitation Center Conditions Treated Mayo Clinic

Pain rehabilitation specialists provide management and treatment for many pain-related conditions, including but not limited to those listed …

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Behavioral, physical and occupational therapies at Mayo Clinic help those with chronic pain restore functioning and improve quality of life.

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The basic components of treatment in our program include physical reconditioning, biofeedback …

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Mayo Clinic Pain Medicine · 4500 San Pablo Road Jacksonville, FL 32224 · Phone: 904-953-0858 …

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The Pain Rehabilitation Center (PRC) at Mayo Clinic’s campuses in Arizona, Florida and Minnesota provides a three-week program for adults. The …

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Mayo Clinic’s pain medicine specialists are experts in helping adults and children with a wide range of painful disorders.