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Mayo Clinic Newborn Care

Baby Bath Basics A Parent S Guide Mayo Clinic

Most newborns don’t need lotion after a bath. If your baby’s skin is very dry, apply a small amount of unscented baby moisturizer to the dry areas. The massage …

Helping Baby Sleep Through The Night Mayo Clinic

Newborns sleep 16 or more hours a day, but often in stretches of just a few hours at a time. Although the pattern might be erratic at first, a more consistent …

Crying Baby What To Do When Your Newborn Cries Mayo Clinic

Remaining relaxed will make it easier to console your baby. Take a break and rest when you can. Ask friends and loved ones for help. Remember that this is …

Newborn Care 10 Tips For Stressed Out Parents Mayo Clinic

1. Take care of yourself. Resist the urge to count caffeine as a major food group or a substitute for sleep. · 2. Establish visiting rules · 3. Go with the flow.

Infant Development Birth To 3 Months Mayo Clinic

Whether your baby needs a diaper change, feeding session or simply warm contact, respond quickly. Don’t worry about spoiling your baby with too much attention.

Feeding Your Newborn Tips For New Parents Mayo Clinic

1. Stick with breast milk or formula · 2. Feed your newborn on cue · 3. Consider vitamin D supplements · 4. Expect variations in your newborn’s eating patterns · 5.

Infant And Toddler Health Mayo Clinic

Your baby’s doctor is a great resource for learning more about infant health. Take advantage of other resources for infant health, too, such as nurse …

Infant And Toddler Health Newborn Health Mayo Clinic

At first, newborn care might seem limited to round-the-clock feeding, bathing, diapering and soothing — but there’s more to ensuring newborn health than these …

Infant And Toddler Health Mayo Clinic

Infant and toddler health — from baby care and developmental milestones to child safety.

Infant And Toddler Health Mayo Clinic

Acetaminophen and children: Why dose matters · Babies and solid foods · Baby naps · Baby sleep · Baby’s head shape: Cause for concern? · Bathing your newborn · Breast …